Securing a high-value area of interest

Protecting an area of interest, semi-permanent facilities or a temporary Forward Operating Base - even in impassable environments - is now achievable utilising our UAV solution.

Your Challenges

Securing, protecting and maintaining critical supply lines and keeping them safe and accessible at all times is time-consuming, resource-intensive and very expensive.

Our Solution

Our fully autonomous UAV solution is built for operating in impasseble and uncertain environments, providing live feed pictures of the area of interest. Here are some of its advantages:

Deployment within minutes
Covering complex environments at low cost
Fewer personnel to maintain security
No exposure to hostile activities

Our Turnkey Solution

Below we describe our answer to the challenges of perimeter security: carefully chosen UAV components which, combined, offer the best solution from both a tactical and an operational point of view.


Heidrun Surveillance Solution


The Heidrun EO/IR is a battle proven, fixed wing mini drone for ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) missions. It is designed for operation in complex environments and with high mobility and rapid, easy launching in mind.

Long Range Antenna Tracker

The Long Range Antenna Tracker V2 tracks the UAV for long range (25+ km) missions, establishing the best possible data connection between the Compact Ground Station and the UAV.

Ground Control Station Software

Our advanced embedded control software fully supports our UAV platform, ensuring the solution you need to accomplish your mission.

Professional Services

As a natural part of our solution, we offer special assistance to ensure the full value of your Sky-Watch solution. Our Field Engineers and Operational Specialists will assist you in the start-up phase and take you through the first missions.

Support & Service

Our solutions are backed up by our skilled product support and service center. We offer full service and support programmes for all our solutions. Our know-how and years of experience enable us to offer an up-to-date and future-proof agreement, depending on our customer’s needs and preferences.

At Sky-Watch, we are curious people. We do not just look at the way things are. We look at what they can become.


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