Want to license the Ground Control Station System for your own UAV platform?


Makes perfect sense and possible. SDM (Sky-Watch Drone Manger) is our next generation of CGS software built upon 10+ years of extensive experience developing and delivering drone systems for the defense and security market world wide. This new product is one of the most user-friendly and intuitive UI applications for mini UAV systems in the market, and is designed and developed on STANAG standards and standardized drone technology frameworks for high degree of interoperability and ease of integration when it comes to supporting different UAV platforms, payloads and sensors.


SDM is a robust plug-in architecture and can be customized with your specific capabilities, easy to customize and organize panels layout matching the individual end user needs. SDM if a feature-rich ground control station software, which can be integrated and extended with your unique capabilities through a contracted development delivery.


SDM is designed accordingly to STANAG 4586 and STANAG 4609, and supports MAVlink out of the box. System has been integrated with Lockheed Martin CDL and GDLS battle management & ground control systems.

Modular & Robust architecture

Designed to handle and control interchangeable radio systems, payloads and sensors. Support multi-profile and Vehicle Specific Module (VSM) configuration.

Platform versatility

One and same UI across fixed wing, VTOL, fixed wing transitional/hybrid UAV platforms.
One single GCS system to train operators to master.

Control platform freedom

SDM runs on Windows 10 PRO platforms like laptops, tablets, detachable notebooks, and adaptive GCS platforms. So freedom to match the end user need.

Mission / Application versatile

Today SDM supports Live EO/IR ISR missions, Geo Intelligence mapping missions, radio relay missions, SIGINT missions. Or what ever mission type your UAV is designed to fly.

User-friendly & intuitive interaction

Touch based UI, optimized for finger and stylus pen. Simplified workflow, intuitive interaction, guided wizards. Configuration of essential UAV instrument and mission data visualization.

Simple & Easy flight planning

Map-centric point-and-click flight planning via way point navigation and control. Instant edit and update of flight plans during flight. Easy planning utilizing pre-defined flight segments.

Secure & Safe flight operation

3-level alert and warning system with visual and audio notification. Terrain Awareness Warning System using terrain elevation data during mission planning. In-flight terrain awareness and warning system. Supporting real-time ADS-B / FLARM tracking for traffic collision avoidance.

Flexible Map functionality

Supports both ESRI map sources and custom maps in on-line and off-line mode. Toggle Places/Street names on/off. Import KML/KMZ layers, polygons, dots, lines and POIs. Multiple coordinate formats (LAT/LON, MGRS, UTM, DMS).

Easy System Maintenance

Complete UAS system and component overview with common one-click software update functionality. Central Flight Log library for easy flight overview and maintenance.


Built-in simulator for mission planning validation which is key element in UAS Operator training, or the next level of increasing mission preparation and successful UAV tactical ISR missions.

If you want to license SDM as your own ground control station software please contact us by filling in the contact form