Tactical M-UAS solutions for defense and security missions

Sky-Watch is deeply committed to being a driving force in shaping and facilitating the integration of Organic ISR for tactical use by SOF, ground forces in defense, law enforcement, and emergency management. Our combat proven solutions are positioned on the absolute front line of net-centric warfare concepts, interoperability trends, and force multiplier initiatives of modern armies.

Through deep and direct interaction with customers and market-leading solution partners, we ensure that our UAS solutions and related services offer substantial and lasting value and benefit to our clients. As much as we are providing our clients with customized technology solutions, we are firmly involved in building the necessary UAS capabilities in the client organization, interoperable with legacy systems.


Organic ISR

Special Operation Forces will benefit of having "Bring-Your-Own" ISR platform available for their missions.
Army Recce units will achieve great Situational Awareness with the Company/Platoon "UAS On Demand" option.

Terrain Mapping

Having access to high quality 2D/3D mapping of your area of operation and having constantly updated maps available of any specific area of interest is a foundation for successfull mission planning


Live video feed during combat operations, securing clear battlefield situational awareness. When the sensor data is shared with an forward artillery observer this method will shorten the kill chain to less than a minute.

Force Protection

Force Protection Installation Planning for your permanent or temporary base. Use the RQ-35 Heidrun to generate sensor data for map overlays to gain insights of fields of view and fields of fire from Outside-in and Inside-out.

Front Line Decision Support

As a part of your Mission Planning Process, you will define a list of Priority Information Requirements (PIR) and design an information collection plan. With ISR assets readily available intelligence gathering should be conducted to collect the required intelligence on your opponent


The combat proven mini UAS fixed wing drone for close range operations deployed by Special Forces or as organic ISR at Company and Platoon level. RQ-35 Heidrun is highly EW resistant and can operate in GNSS denied airspace.

In order to strengthen and protect Ukrainian lives, the Star Wars® legend, Luke Skywalker®, is raising funds towards 10 RQ-35 Heidrun reconnaissance drones.

Bring-Your-Own ISR

"Both the design and the software in the RQ-35 Heidrun drone, and the continuous improvements of the drone during the war, have made them some of the best in the world!".
Ukranian end user (anonymous for security reasons)


A game changer for planning military operations when it comes to minimizing casualties.

A white paper which clearly demonstrates the benefit of using UAV solutions at Company and Platoon level providing precise updated 2D overview maps and 3D models for mission planning and execution - in just 3 hours.


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