Innovation through
Technology & Partnerships

Through our proprietary “Sky-Watch High Speed Product Development Program” (HS-PDP) we are continually pursuing strategic opportunities for strengthening our product roadmap, and through close cooperation with our key partners, we are pushing the boundaries of integrated UAV systems. Our goal is to leverage our own as well as our partners' products to create synergies that address the current and future customer needs in the battlespace.

Integrated Communication Solution

Sky-Watch’s Integrated Communication Solution (iCs) is a part of our vision to provide smart enhancement of the situational awareness for SOF and combat ground forces. iCs will enable UAVs to improve the mission planning and execution phase while increasing the safety of the units.

The Integrated Communication Solution will change the way that battlespace communication is deployed in dynamic none line of sight scenarios.


A laser target locator that enables foot soldiers
to identify target locations in daylight or at
night, as well as in obscure-visibility such as fog or smoke.

Reduces the need for verbal communication.
Reduce the burden on the soldier as the UAV will not be carried in the field.

Integrated Vehicle UAV Solution

The Integrated Vehicle UAV Solution (iVS) is the future vehicle integrated UAV reconnaissance solution for mounted infantry for none line of sight situational awareness.

Changing the ways of dismounted missions in none line of sight environments where the risk of engagement is high.


Concept Solutions

In the past and present cutting-edge innovation are an integral part of our company identity and we deliver this know-how through projects that are either developed independently in-house or in close cooperation with our partners often as an integrated part of a bigger scenario or as a critical piece of ancillary equipment.


Our years of experience within advanced UAS technology has given us the opportunity to work closely together with some of the world’s leading Aerospace and Defence companies, and through this, we have delivered innovative solutions and concepts that have played an integral role in developing our competitive advance.

Below you can read more detailed about some of our latest innovation projects and partner projects that we have already taken a successful and active part in.


Our collaboration with Boeing marks a step toward the drone of the future. Our joint expertise works for the benefit of our customers.

Aalborg University

In cooperation with Aalborg University, we develop the knowledge and skills of new students within UAV systems and sensor fusion. Frequently we have ongoing internships and development projects to secure the next generation of bright minds.

General Dynamics European Land Systems

In partnership with General Dynamics European Land Systems Sky-Watch is developing capabilities for the next generation infantry vehicles. As one of the industry-leading vehicle OEMs, GDELS is in a unique position to leverage on Sky-Watch knowhow within integrated UAV systems.


By testing new technology in collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark, we are developing the new VTOL fixed-wing Smart UAV. Our partnership creates a perfect environment for UAV development

Skyline Software

Our partnership with Skyline enables our clients to convert their sensor data into 2D and 3D mapping products. Skyline TerraExplorer software comes equipped with both traditional terrain analysis tools and advanced geospatial analysis capabilities including: line of sight, viewshed analysis, and threat dome.


In close partnership with HARRIS, one of the worlds leading provider of tactical communication, Sky-Watch is delivering a game changer in battlefield communication, securing communication in none line of sight environments for tactical ground radios.


The partnership with SAFRAN clearly demonstrate how a much stronger situational awareness for dismounted infantry and special forces is achieved by integrating portable optronics and UAV solutions.

European Union’s Horizon 2020

Sky-Watch is exploring a new concept for using state-of-the-art fuel cells to extend the range of fixed winged UAVs. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement H2020-SMEINST-817161


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