Through deep and direct interaction with our customers and market-leading solution partners, we ensure that our UAS solutions and related services offer substantial and lasting combat proven value and benefit to the end users in the battlespace. As much as we are providing our clients with customized technology solutions, we are firmly involved in building the necessary UAS capabilities in the client organization, interoperable with legacy systems.

Professional Service & Maintenance

Utilising UAS solutions to the greatest possible extent is a matter of skills, knowledge and best practice. However, flying ISR missions in a warzone will lead to a high attrition rate due to enemy fire and counter measures. Therefore, we support you in this respect from the very first day and throughout the lifetime of your tactical Sky-Watch UAS solution. For the same reason, we have established a high-performance team of the best people with the necessary skills to support you as and when required. 

Specialist Services

Operating an organic ISR asset requires specialist knowledge and skill sets and, in some cases, there is a need for field-deployed specialist resources.

Sky-Watch offers to provide professional services of this nature on request, on a case-by-case basis. Our Field Engineers and Operational Specialists will assist you in the start-up phase and take you through the first missions.


At Sky-Watch we don’t just ship an UAS in a box – we deliver a capability, and of course, this includes training services. We train each client's drone operators to develop a comprehensive understanding of the selected UAS solution, including safety, operational proficiency and aircraft maintenance.

Our instructors have years of experience, domain knowledge and specialist know-how to ensure that all students can fully exploit the capabilities of our UAV solutions.

Training can take place at our "Sky-Watch Thor's Hammer Academy" in Denmark, or optionally at customer premises.


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Bring Your Own ISR

"With the RQ-35 Heidrun we have some of the very best protected equipment against jamming. Equipment that is among the best in the world. It is a big change in this war, which we really appreciate,"
Ukranian end user (anonymous for security reasons)