BYO ISR Platform

Live video feed during time sensitive operations secures real-time situational awareness of enemy positions, persons or areas of interest. The RQ-35 Heidrun's bird's-eye view can track objects in motion and enables the drone operator to identify any enemy activity at a distance of up to 30 kilometres. When the sensor data is shared with an forward artillery observer this method will shorten the kill chain to less than a minute.

Your Challenge

When your ISR asset delivers a good "Find-Fix" on a mobile or emerging target, cutting time needed to launch an attack or to deliver an artillery strike is critical. A seamless integration of sensor data transfer between frontline and artillery units creates a better mutual situational awareness, improves accuracy, and compresses the kill chain.

You need an ISR asset available on demand to deliver the Find-Fix foundation for a competitive advantage in the battlespace and to avoid running into nasty surprises.

Our Solution

Due to the high endurance of the RQ-35 Heidrun, it will cover more ground per flight than many other UAS solutions, enabling the drone operator to stay covert and with little risk of exposure to direct fire. The RQ-35 Heidrun's bird's-eye view gives a complete overview of the situation at hand.

Other advantages include:

Organic ISR platform = high responsiveness and high reliability
Easy and fast deployment
Both day and night operation capable
GNSS denied flying
Highly detailed and accurate intelligence gathering

Our Turnkey Solution

Below we describe our answer to the challenges of surveillance missions: carefully chosen mini UAS components which, combined, offer the best solution from both a tactical and an operational point of view.


RQ-35 Heidrun Surveillance Solution 

RQ-35 Heidrun EO/IR

The RQ-35 Heidrun is a fully autonomous, lightweight, tactical mini UAV specially built for operating in impassable and uncertain terrain. The man-portable UAV is suitable for all ground operations where the need for real-time situational awareness is vital.

Long Range Antenna Tracker

The Long Range Antenna Tracker tracks the UAV for long range (25+km) missions, establishing the best possible data connection between the Compact Ground Station and the UAV.

Ground Control Station Software

Our intuitive Sky-Watch Drone Manager (SDM) control software fully supports the drobe operator flying the UAV platform, ensuring the intelligence gathering you need to accomplish your ISR mission.

Professional Services

As a natural part of our solution, we offer special assistance to ensure the full value of your Sky-Watch solution. Our Field Engineers and Operational Specialists will assist you in the start-up phase and take you through the first missions.

Service & Support

Our UAS solutions are backed up by our skilled product support and service center. We offer full service and support programmes for all our solutions. Our know-how and years of experience enable us to offer an up-to-date and future-proof agreement, depending on our customer’s need.



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