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Sky-Watch delivers all aspects of your UAS solution including operating software and data processing software. Our solution simplifies UAS operation and enables you to focus on mission-critical decisions. 

Sky-Watch Drone Manager

Sky-Watch Drone Manager is an UAV mission planning and control software which is highly intuitive, designed around UX and optimized for touch based operation. It holds all necessary information to ensure safe planning and operation of your equipment. One UI for multiple UAV product lines serving specific mission applications.

Video Controller

A live video feed from our products is presented to both the pilot and the video operator, but is separately controllable using our Video Controller. It is important to have the same view when gathering vital information and working together in potentially stressful and complex environments.

Photo Stitching & Analysis

Bundled with our Mapping solution we can provide the most advanced and cutting edge Skyline software suite providing software for creating 2D/3D maps and precise models of mission environment and enabling units to perform high confident mission planning

Sky-Watch Drone Manager

Sky-Watch Drone Manager (SDM) is a full-featured ground station UI application for all our UAV product lines. It provides the drone operator with a user-friendly interface optimized for your specific application, leaving you with extra resources to focus on your mission. It is designed with focus on UX for each workflow.

SDM can be used as a configuration utility for your autonomous flights or as a dynamic control software for your hands-on missions with assisted-control piloting leveraging elevation data for the actual mission environment.

We continuously update and enhance our SDM to provide you with the latest features, thus constantly elevating the performance of your UAS.

Sky-Watch Drone Manager sets a new standard for ground station UI for UAV operation.

Video Controller

Developed for payload operation on the Heidrun EO/IR platform, the Video Controller application allows the video operator to control the payload independently of the UAV.

You can chose between the options of using a single or dual tablet configuration. The use of the dual tablet option gives you a full screen dedicated for Video Control and observation.

With features such as object tracking, image stabilisation, and POI reporting system, the Video Controller is a feature-rich companion in obtaining vital information at or behind the front line.

The Video Controller application is integrated with the Drone Manager application for efficient surveillance operations so both Pilot and Payload Operator have a shared view of the flight plan and intelligence gathering.

Photo Stitching & Analysis

The RQ-35 Heidrun mapping solution utilizes the advanced software suite of Skyline PhotoMesh and Skyline TerraExplore enabling creation of textured high resolution 2D and 3D models of the photogrametry provided by the UAV, and advanced analysis capabilities of viewing, querying, analyzing the 3D models of the mission environment.
Never before has a mini UAV provided more stunning and realistic models for accurate mission planning by the ground force commander.

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