RQ-35 Heidrun EO/IR

The RQ-35 Heidrun is a combat proven, highly EW resistant fixed wing mini UAV for Low Altitude Close Range ISR. It is designed to be an organic ISR asset with rapid launch and easy flying in mind. Achieving up to 30km of live video feed (with Long Range Patch Antenna), it is ideal for collecting real-time sensor data from any mission-critical area without exposing the drone operator to the danger of direct fire. It is capable of flying in GNSS denied airspace.

The tactical UAV is ultra mobile and can be rapidly deployed in the field for Low Altitude Close Range ISR missions. It is operated on an easy-to-use touchscreen navigator by the intuitive Sky-Watch Drone Manager software.
  • Flight time 100 minutes
  • Hand launched
  • Deployment time 5 min
  • Inaudible at 150 meter altitude invisible at 300 meter altitude
  • Deep-stall landing within 5 - 12m radius
  • NSN: 1550-22-637-5645



Live video feed during combat operations thus securing clear battlefield situational awareness. When the sensor data is shared with an forward artillery observer this method will shorten the kill chain to less than a minute.

Force Protection

Force Protection Installation Planning for your permanent or temporary base. Use the RQ-35 Heidrun to generate sensor data for map overlays to gain insights of fields of view and fields of fire from Outside-in and Inside-out.

Front Line Decision Support

As a part of your Mission Planning Process, you will define a list of Priority Information Requirements (PIR) and design an information collection plan. With ISR assets readily available intelligence gathering should be conducted to collect the required intelligence on your opponent

Custom UAS Solutions

Time is critical during a military operation; the outcome can change within seconds, meaning the difference between life and death. In this respect, the RQ-35 Heidrun mini UAV is the perfect choice due to its fast launch time and ISR range.

Autonomous UAS for surveillance and perimeter security

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