February 17. until 21. Sky-Watch is present at IDEX 2019 where we are partnering up with HARRIS the global leader of tactical radio technology. You will find us at HARRIS booth Hall 3-A21 where the Heidrun Radio Relay is at display.
The biggest threat we face today is the loss of communication on the battlefield. As a leader of UAV technology Sky-Watch has joined up with HARRIS, and together we are keeping the radio communication open to the team on ground. 
The solution is created on the Heidrun Radio Relay UAV platform which integrates the Harris Falcon III® RF-7850A-ER Embeddable Modular Radio (EMR). This enable dismounted troops to keep the radio communication open to it's teams and tackles the challenges of lost communication when it matters most.
You can see and read more about the Heidrun Radio Relay platform here